A decentralized social — e-commerce platform

for Influencers, Companies & Consumers.


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to becoming the largest and first platform that connects —content creators with companies where the customer is the main purpose.

With powerful content from our influencers, we will be the number one source of inspiration for our users.



We allow each influencers to get paid for their actions on InfluWay. Regardless of their skills and interests, users can earn money with our platform.

All in one place

As a shop owner you will have full control over which products have been used and also follow the statistics on how the products have been performing.

Safe. Secure. Fast

Ethereum Blockchain obliges an ideal way for tokens to be sent and handled on the platform. This method is fast, cost effective and secure.

Buy with IWAY

By integrating our own cryptocurrency on the platform, we want to increase commitment to attract more people to use the cryptocurrency.

InfluWay Platform

Decentralized social e-commerce platform where creative, originative contents are shared.

  • Influencer

    We brings the best of creative content to the marketplace

  • Retail

    InfluWay opens up the market to new sellers, influencers and customers by operating in a cryptocurrency ecosystem.

  • InfluWay

    Social network between influencer, companies and consumers.

word-of-mouth proof

When consumers recommend or engage with a store, the net result is that more people trust this word-of-mouth proof than they would traditional advertising. That means for stores in InfluWay, having a variation of influencers is the key. Real people sharing their likes and support


    But how do you get these people engaged with your online store in InfluWay?

  • Influencer marketing that finds and targets social media users who can share product related content would seem to be the solution.
  • The problem with this is that traditional influencer marketing is a time consuming and costly process that doesn’t deliver concrete results.
  • You as a shop owner with an online store on InfluWay will have full control over which of your products influencers have used and are able to follow the statistics on how their products have been performing.
  • With influencers rewarded in IWAY for their content, better content will be created to get the best coverage and engagement.

Why Invest in InfluWay?

The InfluWay team believes in making a society that would thrive in creative contents regardless of large public. Delivering quality contents to companies and making a trademark in that.

Round 1
0.0000004 / ETH
  • Start 10/4 - 2019
  • End 25/4 - 2019
  • Min. investment 0.05 ETH
  • Unsold tokens will be burned
Round 2
0.0000005 / ETH
  • Start 26/4 - 2019
  • End 15/5 - 2019
  • Min. investment 0.05 ETH
  • Unsold tokens will be burned
Round 3
0.0000006 / ETH
  • Start 16/5 - 2019
  • End 25/5 - 2019
  • Min. investment 0.05 ETH
  • Unsold tokens will be burned
Round 4
0.0000007 / ETH
  • Start 26/5 - 2019
  • End 15/6 - 2019
  • Min. investment 0.05 ETH
  • Unsold tokens will be burned

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